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CLF installs a High Tolerance Warehouse for WAG, Gauteng

Place a concrete warehouse floor, which will allow the client to carry out the functional requirements of the storage warehouse. The client wanted a floor to be placed expertly and efficiently, and within a tight program for completion

CLF Approach

CLF were appointed to install the high tolerance warehouse floor for WAG. The floor wasplaced to TR34 FM2 tolerances. The floor incorporated the following;

  • 180mm thick
  • Reinforced with steel mesh
  • 35 MPA Concrete
  • 4200m2
  • Laser Screed Machine used
  • CLF Titan Top Dry Shake – placed with CLF Dry Shake Machine

The combination of the two machines allowed for an efficient acceleration of the construction program, ensuring that hand over was sooner, and the financial costs were reduced. 

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